What does an Video Editor do?

The things that video editors do do not depend on television shows would that are completely pathetic, and garage video shots in the grandparents home.. You can’t take a video shot and mix it all together, and let it loose for the world to see. In every step of the way there is a skilled editor on the other end.

Avid Symphony and Montage Extreme are some of the software tools that are used by professional editors. so that they can transform the parts of a film, which includes sound and the comptuer animation. The dialogue and the performers are also a huge part. These things are joined to create a refined video. These types of awesome videos allow people to get sucked into the the silver screen ultimately falling into a trance.

Directors usually work very close with editors for obvious reasons.. They editors store the sound/video into organized files onto a storage media. Then the editor fixes the lighting and puts together the video to form a rough draft. From here parts can be removed or added in. Any issues can be reshot or edited.

Once the sequencing is completed creating a decent video, the editor must add in the final refinements to the video. This includes CG and sound effects.. Enhancing video, lights, sounds, etc.

Lastly, editors also work very closely with the sound editors. Image if a video didn’t match the sound. It would literally ruin the video.

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